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RE: It's in the Cards...
In a day and age where mobile devices and apps seem to dominate every aspect of our lives, including game play, there is a surprising trend that has emerged over the last few years that departs technology in favor of a much simpler way to be entertained...playing card games. 

And while you wouldn't expect that a zero-tech game whose origins go back to the 9th century AD would even be popular today, the exact opposite is true. Card games have dominated Kickstarter with more pledges than any other category (over $500 million) and has been been growing at a steady 50+% each year. Even in big box retail, this category is at the top of the heap with the greatest growth out of ANY other related category! 
“Cards Are Introduced to Us From Our Earliest Age...”
When we think of card games, it's likely that the first idea that comes to mind is “Poker,” “Old Maid” or “Go Fish.” But card games take on a MUCH broader appeal than a few simple games we grew up with. Flash Cards help our children learn their colors, ABC's, other languages and much more. Inspirational Cards bring encouragement and insight. Trading Cards give us the opportunity to support our favorite sports teams, movies and more. Tarot Cards give us a peek into our future. And then there's the games...LOTS of games.

Party Games like “Cards Against Humanity,” “Exploding Kittens” and “Joking Hazard” show up at many late-night gatherings and parties. RPG Games like “Magic: The Gathering,” “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and “Pokémon” have been popular for decades among teens and adults alike. Even children's card games like “Uno,” “Crazy 8’s” and “War” are as popular as ever! Who would have guessed that simple card games would continue to outpace ANY other type of toy to the tune of $2 Billion dollars a year and growing!
“But Creating Card-Based Games Is Hard, Right?”
Just like EVERY OTHER major product market, card deck-related products is experiencing a renaissance due to new technology and changing production techniques. It used to be that creating cards meant drawing or printing on card stock and cutting them out with scissors. 

Today, you can easily have your cards produced with “store bought” professional-looking quality for just a few bucks! And because of that, ANYONE...yes, even you...can produce card deck-based products that compete with major manufacturers. As a matter of fact, MANY of today's most popular games and card-related products were created by everyday people, just like you and me...NOT big publishers. 
“But Can You Make Money from Card Games?”
In 2015, “Exploding Kittens” was funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $8.8 million dollars! The popular 2016 game, “Joking Hazard” saw a whopping $3.2 million come through its Kickstarter campaign. “Bears Versus Babies” (also from the creators of ‘Exploding Kittens’ brought in $3.2 million as well. Those are just three examples of hundreds! There is no way I can predict that YOU can create the next “Exploding Kittens” game, but imagine creating a game that generated even 1% of that...I think you'll agree that making $88K from a simple game would be a WIN!
“I have NO Idea Where to Even Begin!”
At first, I didn't either. I loved to play games, loved flash cards, etc. but never created my own and had no clue what was even possible. All that changed with a conversation I had with my son-in-law. I had been doing a LOT of research on card games. I had a few ideas but didn't know how to develop them. What I didn't know about Charles was that he created several card-based games and was working on a new one called, “Castorum.” 

We talked about game mechanics and play value. I shared design insights and production resources. And that conversation led to our first game, “Dinosaur Springs, The Card Game.” Within a few weeks, I began designing a new card game, “Acronymity,” an animal-based Flash Card set and Inspirational Cards based on my photographs. It hasn't slowed at all.
“Some of Our Own Card Decks...”
I knew that it was likely many others might want to create games and card decks as well...perhaps I invited Charles to join me in sharing our knowledge and insights into Card Deck creation in a brand-new course titled, “Card Deck Creator.”
“In ‘Card Deck Creator’ You Will Discover...”
  • Beginner-Friendly Ways to break into the Card-Based product market.
  • Different Types of Card Decks and where to begin with them.
  • How to Develop your OWN Card Games.
  • Game Mechanics and how to develop and perfect them for your game.
  • Card Design Strategies to make your cards look top-notch!
  • Behind-the-Scenes of our own Card-Based Products.
  • Design Templates for your Card Decks and how to master them!
  • The Best Companies to use for manufacturing your card decks.
  • Deck Packaging and how to create it.
  • Marketing and Selling your card decks.
  • Kickstarter Strategies to Crowdfund your card deck.
  • And Much More!
Join us as we peel back the curtains to share our own real-world experiences with you to help you successfully develop your OWN card-based products. We will be revealing what many game developers would never share...the behind-the-scenes insights for creating all types of card decks.
The Investment...
“Card Deck Creator” was taught LIVE as an in-depth, beginner-friendly 4-Module Course. As we introduce you to our best strategies and insights for card and game development, you will benefit from the 100's of hours (literally) we've poured into our own game and card development. That kind of education alone is worth thousands of dollars in time and money spent. The great news is that, because we've chosen to invest our own time and energy into perfecting these processes, you don't have to. You can literally access the hard-won wisdom and insights we've gained from months of development for a fraction of its value!

So instead of paying $997 for this training, or even $497 (it's worth every penny), we are offering live access to all four modules at the introductory price of just $97! That's MUCH less than what just the design module is worth considering I charged (and got) $1,500 for a single book cover in my design business! Add to that Charles’ game mechanics wisdom and the Kickstarter strategies and, well, you can easily see the deal we're offering...but ONLY for a limited time and as an introductory offer.
Here is what “Card Deck Creator” Includes:
  • FOUR (4) Modules ​taught by your teachers, Tony Laidig and Charles Perkins.
  • Ongoing Replays to all 4 Modules.
  • BONUS: Dedicated Facebook Group for ongoing comments, questions and resources related to the training.
  • BONUS: Charles' Video Script Template for his Kickstarter Campaign.
  • BONUS: “Numbers” Game Mechanics Demo.
  • BONUS: Brand-New Video Training on how to master “Levels” in Photoshop. (This is a design essential!)
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