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Sometimes a Simple Nudge Can Change Everything...YOUR Own Card Decks Can Provide That for Others...
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RE: Everyone Can Use a Little Guidance From Time to Time...
Let’s face it...sometimes we get STUCK! 

As a matter of fact, I am quite certain that we ALL experience that “stuckness” from time to time:

    • We awaken in the morning to feel just a little “off”...
    • We face a tough decision and could use the perfect Scripture verse for insight...
    • We feel discouraged and need a little shot of courage to keep moving forward...
    • We wonder which direction we should head in for the future...
    • We want to begin a new project and are looking for creative ideas...
    • We are looking for ideas to spice up our writing...

The TRUTH is that there are MANY ways that a little simple guidance can make a huge difference in our OWN life and in the lives of others! The GREAT news is that Prompt-Based Cards can offer that...and designing them is easy and straightforward!
“Prompt-Based Cards Take on Many Forms!”
Whether you look at Card Decks for use as a part of spiritual guidance, like Tarot or Oracle decks, or those used to inspire or inform, like idea cards and storytelling cards, Prompt-Based card decks can take on MANY different forms, including nearly limitless styles of design and presentation.

Here are many of the most popular types of Prompt-Based Card Types:
    • Inspirational Cards
    • Scripture Verse Cards
    • Divination Cards
    • Tarot Cards
    • Oracle Cards
    • Angel Cards
    • Numerology Cards
    • Mindfulness Cards
    • Motivational Cards
    • Affirmation Cards
    • Reflection Cards
    • Crystal Cards
    • Herbal Cards
    • Storytelling Cards
    • Inquiry Cards
    • Discussion Cards
    • Informational Cards
    • Idea Cards
The Self-Improvement market in all its forms is a growing $10 Billion dollar per year market. And with the current uncertainty that exists today, more and more people are looking for answers and guidance in the Self-Improvement, Spirituality,  and Education market segments...the SAME three market segments that Prompt-Based Card Decks exist in! That's great news for product creators like you and me!
“Are Prompt-Based Card Decks Hard to Make?”
Just like EVERY OTHER major product market, card deck-related products is experiencing a renaissance due to new technology and changing production techniques. It used to be that creating cards meant drawing or printing on card stock and cutting them out with scissors. 

Today, you can easily have your cards produced with “store-bought” professional-looking quality for just a few bucks! And because of that, ANYONE...yes, even you...can produce card deck-based products that compete with major manufacturers. As a matter of fact, MANY of today's most popular card-related products were created by everyday people, just like you and me...NOT big publishers. 
“A Few Examples Showing the Diversity of Design and Style!”
I knew that it was likely many others (like yourself) might want to create your OWN card decks as well, so I have decided to create a beginner-friendly, deep-dive course titled, “Prompt Cards Designer.”
“In ‘Prompt Cards Designer’ You Will Discover...”
  • Module One: Research and Resources – Planning Your Card Deck Ideas
  • Module Two: Designing Inspirational-Based Card Decks
  • Module Three: Designing Creativity-Based Card Decks
  • Module Four: Marketing and Selling Your Card Decks
This rare, unique training is easily worth $197 or more due to the in-depth strategies and insights you will learn from an expert product designer! However, to introduce this brand-new training, we are making you a special offer today to join us LIVE for ALL FOUR modules at the introductory price of just $67! That's a HUGE savings of $130...but ONLY for a limited time and as an introductory offer.
Here is what “Prompt Cards Designer” Includes:
    • Four (4) LIVE-Taught Modules ​taught by your teacher, Tony Laidig.
    • Ongoing Replays to all 4 Modules.
    • Slide PDFs for all 4 Modules.
    • BONUS: In-Depth Research Report on the Bestselling Types of Prompt-Based Card Decks.
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“Prompt Cards Designer” 
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NOTE: Due to the nature of the training and the proprietary
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